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From Spico Florin <>
Subject Workers elasticity
Date Mon, 06 Jan 2014 18:08:47 GMT
 I'm newbie to storm and also to Amazon Cloud. I have the following

  1. I have topology that runs on 3 workers on EC2.
  2. Due to the increasing load, EC2 intantiates 2 new instances and I have
to rebalance to 5 workers.
  3. After the resource demand, EC2 released 2 instances and  I'm
forgetting to decrease the number of workers to 3.

1.So, in this case what is the behavior of the application? Will sign an
error that there are more workers allocated then existing machines? Or will
continue to run as nothing has happened?

2.More generally, what is the behavior of the application that declares
more workers than the number of instances? Do we have a round robin fashion
to distribute load among the workers?

3.Can I declare more workers on the same machine? If yes how?

I look forward for your answers.


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