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From Michael Rose <>
Subject Re: Workers elasticity
Date Mon, 06 Jan 2014 20:52:17 GMT
Each machine can support a configurable number of workers. If a machine
goes away, it'll attempt to reassign the orphaned workers to other machines
using the fair scheduler.

1) Should you not have enough slots (worker slots), your topology will be a
'broken' state. However if you allow 4 workers per machine and run your
topology with 8 workers, you can run 2 minimum machines and still support
the topology.

If you are to auto-scale your workers, you'll need a long cooldown time
between changes. A rebalance isn't instant and must allow the topology to
drain before reshuffling workers. A rebalance will wait
{TUPLE_TIMEOUT_TIME} before rebalancing. Additionally, when adding workers
you'll need to trigger a rebalance.

2) If workers > slots, the topology will attempt to function but ultimately
freeze as the send buffers to that worker fill. I'm not sure what you mean
'round-robin fashion to distribute load' -- the ShuffleGrouping will
partition work across tasks on an even basis.

3) Yes, in storm.yaml, supervisor.slots.ports. By default it'll run with 4
slots per machine. See

Michael Rose (@Xorlev <>)
Senior Platform Engineer, FullContact <>

On Mon, Jan 6, 2014 at 11:08 AM, Spico Florin <> wrote:

> Hello!
>  I'm newbie to storm and also to Amazon Cloud. I have the following
> scenario:
>   1. I have topology that runs on 3 workers on EC2.
>   2. Due to the increasing load, EC2 intantiates 2 new instances and I
> have to rebalance to 5 workers.
>   3. After the resource demand, EC2 released 2 instances and  I'm
> forgetting to decrease the number of workers to 3.
> Questions:
> 1.So, in this case what is the behavior of the application? Will sign an
> error that there are more workers allocated then existing machines? Or will
> continue to run as nothing has happened?
> 2.More generally, what is the behavior of the application that declares
> more workers than the number of instances? Do we have a round robin fashion
> to distribute load among the workers?
> 3.Can I declare more workers on the same machine? If yes how?
> I look forward for your answers.
> Regards,
>   Florin

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