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From Harald Kirsch <>
Subject Best practices for host-bound source and sink?
Date Thu, 09 Jan 2014 13:35:01 GMT
Hi all,

suppose you need to process input available on and the 
results should finally end up on A storm topology shall do 
the processing.

It is easy to write a sprout that fetches the data and emits it into the 
topology. Similarly a sink-bolt can write the result somewhere.

But now suppose that the data is available only locally on 
in the file system. Is it possible and natural to make a 
machine in the Storm cluster but somehow make sure that *only* the 
sprout is executed on Similarly, would it be possible to 
bind a sink bolt to one specific machine, the

If this is not a possible or not a preferred way to do it, are there any 
specific techniques used to provide input to a sprout beyond whatever 
remote access methods happen to be available (smb, nfs, ssh, http)?

Thanks for any hints,

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