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From Bobby Evans <>
Subject Re: building master fails for tests that wait on the cluster
Date Tue, 08 Jul 2014 21:59:54 GMT
I did try again on linux and saw the same test timeouts that you were
talking about.  I applied my suggested patch and it didn’t do anything, so
it looks like it is going to take some more debugging to see what is going
on, and why the cluster sometimes doesn’t hit idle.

Looks like it might be similar to so for now I’ll assume
that they are the same.  Not sure when I’ll find time to dig into it

- Bobby

On 7/7/14, 5:00 PM, "Bobby Evans" <> wrote:

>We do not have setup for storm yet.  If you want
>to set that up, we would all be vary grateful.
>Master seems to build and test just fine for me on my Mac Laptop.  I¹ll
>try it on a slower linux box and see if I get the same timeout as you.
>Essentially what happens is that the simulated time tests are trying to
>wait for the cluster to be ³idle² before going on.  We have seen some
>situations where on some slower hardware for some reason the timing of the
>sleep corresponds to some internal timer waking up or it is never able to
>finish processing everything before the sleep finishes.  We were able to
>mitigate this by sleeping for random amount of time inside of
>backtype.storm.testing/tracked-wait instead of the hard coded 500ms on
>It might be worth trying to pull that into master.
>As for IDE setup.  I really want to find the time to spend getting
>Intellij up and running well, but I have been too busy with other things
>and I end up just using whichever text editor I have handy.
>- Bobby
>On 7/7/14, 3:14 PM, "Dane Hammer" <> wrote:
>>Trying to help out with reviews and verification of outstanding pull
>>requests, however I haven't been able to build locally. My specific error
>>is always of the form:
>>ERROR backtype.storm.transactional-test - Error in cluster
>>java.lang.AssertionError: Test timed out (5000ms)
>>although it can be in different namespaces. This is when trying to run
>>clean install" against master - 8da9572. We'll call that question #1.
>>But that makes me want to ask - is there a continuous integration server
>>set up to build regularly? If not, is that something I can help set up?
>>That'd be #2.
>>And lastly, how are you fine fellows hacking on storm today? I haven't
>>changes against master since leiningen, and I haven't gotten Intellij or
>>Emacs happy with me enough to use my normal tooling. Question #3.
>>Hopefully this will be less leeching information and more giving me the
>>info to make it easier for the next contributor. I'd like to help
>>some of these things and get it easy to come in and test changes to

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