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From "P. Taylor Goetz" <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Pulling "Contrib" Modules into Apache
Date Tue, 25 Feb 2014 22:28:33 GMT
A while back I opened STORM-206 [1] to capture ideas for pulling in “contrib” modules to
the Apache codebase.

In the past, we had the storm-contrib github project [2] which subsequently got broken up
into individual projects hosted on the stormprocessor github group [3] and elsewhere.

The problem with this approach is that in certain cases it led to code rot (modules not being
updated in step with Storm’s API), fragmentation (multiple similar modules with the same
name), and confusion.

A good example of this is the storm-kafka module [4], since it is a widely used component.
Because storm-contrib wasn’t being tagged in github, a lot of users had trouble reconciling
with which versions of storm it was compatible. Some users built off specific commit hashes,
some forked, and a few even pushed custom builds to repositories such as clojars. With kafka
0.8 now available, there are two main storm-kafka projects, the original (compatible with
kafka 0.7) and an updated fork [5] (compatible with kafka 0.8).

My intention is not to find fault in any way, but rather to point out the resulting pain,
and work toward a better solution.

I think it would be beneficial to the Storm user community to have certain commonly used modules
like storm-kafka brought into the Apache Storm project. Another benefit worth considering
is the licensing/legal oversight that the ASF provides, which is important to many users.

If this is something we want to do, then the big question becomes what sort governance process
needs to be established to ensure that such things are properly maintained.

Some random thoughts, questions, etc. that jump to mind include:

What to call these things: “contib modules”, “connectors”, “integration modules”,
Build integration: I imagine they would be a multi-module submodule of the main maven build.
Probably turned off by default and enabled by a maven profile.
Governance: Have one or more committer volunteers responsible for maintenance, merging patches,
etc.? Proposal process for pulling new modules?

I look forward to hearing others’ opinions.

- Taylor


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