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From Bobby Evans <>
Subject Re: Storm Performace Benchmark
Date Mon, 24 Feb 2014 23:12:32 GMT
On that note I have really wanted to add in more metrics to the perf test
using the the storm metrics subsystem not just the metrics that are
uploaded to ZK and accessible through nimbus, but I have not found time to
do that.  Writing a generic metrics aggregator is almost impossible
because the metrics system can send anything across the wire.  In many
cases they are numbers, but there are also many different cases where it
is a map of a string to a number, or even something else more complex is
possible with user defined metrics.  And even in the cases where it is
just a number most of the time you can take it as an incremental update to
a running count (i.e. Number of events processed over the last N seconds),
but in some cases it may be a hard number (Heap space used by the VM, or
number of events queued in the disruptor queue).

You almost have to look at every metric that is printed out and decide if
you want to process it, and if so how to put it into your
monitoring/metrics system of choice.  The logging metrics collector is
simple, but not what most people will want to use.

Then there are the latency metrics where it gets even more complex because
to aggregate them you also need the corresponding event counts.  The
metrics for these that you get from the UI/Nimbus handle this for you, but
with this system you need to do some of the math yourself to compute a
latency weighted by the event throughput.


On 2/24/14, 12:06 PM, "Otávio Carvalho" <> wrote:

>You can also take a look at storm-perf-test (
> source code.
>I'm currently trying to extract some metrics, in order to develop
>benchmarks for storm and other stream processors, and I thought it was
>really useful.
>Undergraduate Student at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul -
>Scholarship holder at Parallel and Distributed Processing Group -
> / @otaviocarvalho
>2014-02-24 12:50 GMT-03:00 Milinda Pathirage <>:
>> Hi Padma,
>> I think answers to your questions are there in the article you
>> mentioned. Anyway I'll try to explain what needs to be done briefly.
>> Note that I don't have any experience on statsd or graphite.
>> First on sumerizing the metrics in metrics.log file. If you want to
>> summerize the metrics mentioned in the article, you will have to write
>> your own summarizer. It depends on what and how to summerize data you
>> collected. It looks like fields in metrics.log contains information
>> such as timestamp of the metrics publish event, storm host name, bolt
>> identifier, metrics identifier and actual metrics value. You should be
>> able to understand it by reading [2].
>>   - It looks like people are using statsd to feed graphite[1]. And
>> author of the article you mentioned also planning to use the same
>> approach.
>>   - In this case you need to first write a metrics consumer which
>> publish metrics to statsd.
>>   - Then connnect statsd and graphite according to [2].
>> I think its possible to write a metrics consumer which directly feed
>> graphite. But I am not sure whether which approach is easier.
>> Thanks
>> Milinda
>> [1]
>> [2]
>> On Mon, Feb 24, 2014 at 8:40 AM, padma priya chitturi
>> <> wrote:
>> > Hi All,
>> >
>> > I've been using storm metrics to visualize the performance of storm (
>> > 
>> >
>> > I have included the metrics initialization code in ExclamationTopology
>> code
>> > and saw the metrics in metrics.log
>> >
>> > How can we summarize the metrics in metrics.log file. ? what do
>> > fields mean ? How can we visualize the metrics using Graphite ?
>> >
>> > Can someone suggest me in this..
>> >
>> > Thanks,
>> > Padma Ch.
>> --
>> Milinda Pathirage
>> PhD Student | Research Assistant
>> School of Informatics and Computing | Data to Insight Center
>> Indiana University
>> twitter: milindalakmal
>> skype: milinda.pathirage
>> blog:

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