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From Milinda Pathirage <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Pulling "Contrib" Modules into Apache
Date Wed, 26 Feb 2014 00:39:11 GMT
Hi Taylor,

I'm +1 for pulling these external libraries into Apache codebase. This
will certainly benifit Strom community. I also like to contribute to
this process.


On Tue, Feb 25, 2014 at 5:28 PM, P. Taylor Goetz <> wrote:
> A while back I opened STORM-206 [1] to capture ideas for pulling in
> "contrib" modules to the Apache codebase.
> In the past, we had the storm-contrib github project [2] which subsequently
> got broken up into individual projects hosted on the stormprocessor github
> group [3] and elsewhere.
> The problem with this approach is that in certain cases it led to code rot
> (modules not being updated in step with Storm's API), fragmentation
> (multiple similar modules with the same name), and confusion.
> A good example of this is the storm-kafka module [4], since it is a widely
> used component. Because storm-contrib wasn't being tagged in github, a lot
> of users had trouble reconciling with which versions of storm it was
> compatible. Some users built off specific commit hashes, some forked, and a
> few even pushed custom builds to repositories such as clojars. With kafka
> 0.8 now available, there are two main storm-kafka projects, the original
> (compatible with kafka 0.7) and an updated fork [5] (compatible with kafka
> 0.8).
> My intention is not to find fault in any way, but rather to point out the
> resulting pain, and work toward a better solution.
> I think it would be beneficial to the Storm user community to have certain
> commonly used modules like storm-kafka brought into the Apache Storm
> project. Another benefit worth considering is the licensing/legal oversight
> that the ASF provides, which is important to many users.
> If this is something we want to do, then the big question becomes what sort
> governance process needs to be established to ensure that such things are
> properly maintained.
> Some random thoughts, questions, etc. that jump to mind include:
> What to call these things: "contib modules", "connectors", "integration
> modules", etc.?
> Build integration: I imagine they would be a multi-module submodule of the
> main maven build. Probably turned off by default and enabled by a maven
> profile.
> Governance: Have one or more committer volunteers responsible for
> maintenance, merging patches, etc.? Proposal process for pulling new
> modules?
> I look forward to hearing others' opinions.
> - Taylor
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]
> [5]

Milinda Pathirage

PhD Student | Research Assistant
School of Informatics and Computing | Data to Insight Center
Indiana University

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