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From "C. Bergström" <>
Subject Re: Apache C++ Standard Library and the Attic
Date Thu, 18 Jul 2013 14:52:01 GMT
On 07/18/13 09:03 PM, Brett Porter wrote:
> At this month's board meeting, a resolution was passed to move Apache C++ Standard Library
to the Attic, due to inactivity.
> The Attic home page [1] contains some details about its purpose - it is the destination
for Apache projects that can no longer provide oversight or muster votes for a release. It
isn't a reflection on the contributors or the codebase, and is intended to be non-impacting
to users.
> Please let us know if you have any questions or comments, or if you are available to
work with the Attic to help with the transition of resources.
This was a stupid decision made by bureaucrats. The project still has 
potential and the lack of vision and belief from the "board" that those 
interested could actually achieve it - it's flat out disappointing. 
What's it "cost" the board to actually let it have another chance? There 
are other passionate people like myself who use the software everyday.. 
It's a silent community... This decision came from those who had some 
issue with the project for a long time and wouldn't stop until they had 
their way... I may be wrong and apologies if I am, but the behind the 
scenes information I have points in one direction only.

-1 ASF

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