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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Re: (Roguewave) Nightly testing changes
Date Wed, 17 Jun 2009 22:10:37 GMT
Thanks for the heads up! I updated the genxviews script to reflect
your changes on the result pages (see the commit below). Hopefully
I got the system abbrevs right. I don't think the Solaris changes
need any updates to the script.


Andrew Black wrote:
> Greetings all.
> The schedule used for the nightly testing of stdcxx builds on the build
> servers at RogueWave has gotten a little out of date, so I ended up
> taking some time today to bring it into alignment with the current state
> of the build servers.  This resulted in the following changes being
> made.  Note that I'm using the host name vocabulary used internally by
> RogueWave for these notes, rather than those names on the
> pages.
> * windows-2003: Remove all requests (hosts repurposed for windows-2008)
> * Windows_2000: Remove all requests (host died).
> * windows_xp: remove requests for icl-9.1, icl-10.0, msvc-7.1, add
> requests for 32-bit icl-11.0.
> * windows-xp-em64t: Remove requests for icl-10.0, add requests for
> 64-bit icl-11.0.
> * windows-vista-em64t: remove requests for icl-10.0, replace with
> requrests for icl-11.0.
> * windows-2008: Add testing of same requests as windows-vista-em64t on
> mason, pane, porthole, and shatter.
> * redhat_as-4.0-amd64: Remove, folding into redhat_as-4.0-em64t
> * redhat_as-5.0-em64t: Remove compiler/binutils runenvs, requrests for
> icc-9.1 and icc-10.0, add requests for icc-11.0
> * solaris-9: Update sunpro 5.9 patch level to 5.9j10
> * solaris-10-amd64: Ditto.
> * solaris-10: Ditto, update sunpro 5.8 patch level to 5.8j17
> One other piece of information of note is that operating system upgrades
> have been performed on all solaris, redhat and windows platforms. I
> don't have exact patch versions handy, but the script used to push the
> results out to apache has not been updated with the new versions.
> --Andrew Black

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