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From Andrew Black <>
Subject (Roguewave) Nightly testing changes
Date Wed, 17 Jun 2009 19:24:48 GMT
Greetings all.

The schedule used for the nightly testing of stdcxx builds on the build
servers at RogueWave has gotten a little out of date, so I ended up
taking some time today to bring it into alignment with the current state
of the build servers.  This resulted in the following changes being
made.  Note that I'm using the host name vocabulary used internally by
RogueWave for these notes, rather than those names on the pages.

* windows-2003: Remove all requests (hosts repurposed for windows-2008)
* Windows_2000: Remove all requests (host died).
* windows_xp: remove requests for icl-9.1, icl-10.0, msvc-7.1, add
requests for 32-bit icl-11.0.
* windows-xp-em64t: Remove requests for icl-10.0, add requests for
64-bit icl-11.0.
* windows-vista-em64t: remove requests for icl-10.0, replace with
requrests for icl-11.0.
* windows-2008: Add testing of same requests as windows-vista-em64t on
mason, pane, porthole, and shatter.
* redhat_as-4.0-amd64: Remove, folding into redhat_as-4.0-em64t
* redhat_as-5.0-em64t: Remove compiler/binutils runenvs, requrests for
icc-9.1 and icc-10.0, add requests for icc-11.0
* solaris-9: Update sunpro 5.9 patch level to 5.9j10
* solaris-10-amd64: Ditto.
* solaris-10: Ditto, update sunpro 5.8 patch level to 5.8j17

One other piece of information of note is that operating system upgrades
have been performed on all solaris, redhat and windows platforms. I
don't have exact patch versions handy, but the script used to push the
results out to apache has not been updated with the new versions.

--Andrew Black

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