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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Re: Nightly testing stalled?
Date Thu, 18 Sep 2008 21:34:20 GMT
Andrew Black wrote:
> Travis Vitek wrote:
>> It is unclear to me exactly how the data from the build result files
>> gets out to Apache. It seems that they would need to be pushed out from
>> the Rogue Wave private network.
> The process is run via Martin's crontab on one of the build machines
> (dolly I believe).  The scripts used for the process reside in Perforce,
> and I just checked in a change to one of them with change 246223 that
> should fix the problem.  We recently migrated the systems used for the
> majority of the builds from one domain to another, but hadn't updated
> the domain reference in this script to reflect the change.  Looking at
> the timestamp for the script, it looks like it's automatically updated
> as part of the export process, so with a little luck we'll get a good
> export tomorrow.

Great, thanks for fixing it up! Let's keep an eye on the results
tomorrow to see if they've been refreshed.


> --Andrew Black

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