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From Andrew Black <>
Subject Windows infrastructure bug
Date Fri, 27 Oct 2006 21:56:30 GMT
Greetings all.

I have been working to automated testing of stdcxx on windows, and I 
have encountered a problem with either the generated build_%CONFIG%.bat 
batch file, or the configure.wsf script that I am uncertain how to solve.

The source directory I am using in this situation is 
'C:\build\ablack\stdcxx-test', with the build directory being 
'C:\build\ablack\stdcxx-test\build'.  At the root of the source 
directory, I have a batch file which creates the build solutions using 
the generate.bat batch file, then builds one of the build types using 
the generated build_%CONFIG%.bat batch file.  A simplified version of 
this batch file (hard wired to produce 15d builds with msvc-8.0) is 
attached as test.bat.

When run, the configuration process fails for unknown reasons during the 
sanity check process.  The config.log file generated is attached.  To 
complicate the situation, the generated solution appears to function 
correctly when built from within the devenv GUI, and when the 
build_msvc-8.0.bat script is invoked directly from the command line 
(both from the build directory and the source directory).

--Andrew Black

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