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From Farid Zaripov <>
Subject [PATCH] Windows build infrastructure
Date Fri, 20 Oct 2006 10:37:36 GMT
   Attached is a patch of Windows build infrastructure.

   * configure.wsf (checkHeaders): Removed unused parameter
   (configure): Try/catch'ed run of the sanity.exe while
   checking run environment sanity
   * data.js: Removed unused variable platformWin32Name
   * generate.wsf: Added out the compiler configuration
   variables to the log file
   * makelog.wsf: Corrected the comment about CONFIG parameter
   * msvc-7.0.config: Added variable PLATFORM
   * msvc-8.0-x64.config: New configuration file for MSVC 8.0
   (x64 platform)
   * projectdef.js (setProperty): New function to assign value
   to a property if it's exists
   (projectCreateVCProject): Use PLATFORM compiler configuration
   variable instead of hardcoded variable platformWin32Name; use
   setProperty function with properties which are not supported
   on some platforms; leave default value of the property
   linker.TargetMachine (which is target dependent)
   * projects.js (CreateProjectsDefs): Copy dll's after every
   project rebuild
   * runall.wsf: Added parameter CONFIG to the list of parameters
   and usage example
   * utilities.js: Added variable PLATFORM
  (parseConfig): Renamed from getCompilerOpts, redesigned to use
   regular expression
   (PrintVars): New function to print compiler configuration
   variables and their values to the text stream
   (getWinDiffDifferences): code for determine the path to the
   windiff utility moved from here ...
   (getCompilerOpts): ... to here
   * generate.bat: Added check to run 32-bit cscript.exe
   on 64-bit Windows


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