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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Re: z/OS and z/TPF Development
Date Tue, 31 Jan 2006 19:54:05 GMT
Craig Chariton wrote:
> For any TPF developers contemplating a port of the Apache library for the
> TPF and z/TPF OS, they may find the following documents from IBM helpful.
> TPF Systems Technical Newsletter, Vol. 4 No. 4
> IBM's OS/390 is POSIX compliant.  TPF PUT 7 introduced a file system based
> on POSIX.1.

This is interesting and should definitely be studied by anyone porting
stdcxx to TPF. In particular, the The Life Cycle of a File section
might have a bearing on us as we do take advantage of the "old UNIX
hack" in file.cpp and perhaps also in the testsuite (although I
prefer to think of it as a rather clever feature than a hack :)

> Password and Group Files Are a misnomer by Any other Name, Yet They Are
> Real!
> Discusses some features of POSIX in PUT 10 for TPF.
> TPF Announces Support of STLport 3.2.1
> Discusses process to use the OS/390 STLport code for a TPF system.

STLport 3.2.1 is years old. The latest stable version is 4.6.2 with
5.0 being tested. But given that the article is from Q1 2001 it's
likely that later versions of STLport have been ported there.

Thanks for the links!

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