I knew that one possible solution will be to map loaded object into another class just after reading from HDFS.
I was looking for solution enabling reuse of avro generated classes. 
It could be useful in situation when your record have more 22 records, because you do not need to write boilerplate code for mapping from and to the class,  i.e loading class as instance of class generated from avro, updating some fields, removing duplicates, and saving those results with exactly the same schema. 

Thank you for the answer, at least I know that there is no way to make it works.

2015-10-09 20:19 GMT+02:00 Igor Berman <igor.berman@gmail.com>:
u should create copy of your avro data before working with it, i.e. just after loadFromHDFS map it into new instance that is deap copy of the object
it's connected to the way spark/avro reader reads avro files(it reuses some buffer or something)

On 9 October 2015 at 19:05, alberskib <alberskib@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi all,

I have piece of code written in spark that loads data from HDFS into java
classes generated from avro idl. On RDD created in that way I am executing
simple operation which results depends on fact whether I cache RDD before it
or not i.e if I run code below

val loadedData = loadFromHDFS[Data](path,...)
println(loadedData.map(x => x.getUserId + x.getDate).distinct().count()) //
program will print 200000, on the other hand executing next code

val loadedData = loadFromHDFS[Data](path,...).cache()
println(loadedData.map(x => x.getUserId + x.getDate).distinct().count()) //
result in 1 printed to stdout.

When I inspect values of the fields after reading cached data it seems

I am pretty sure that root cause of described problem is issue with
serialization of classes generated from avro idl, but I do not know how to
resolve it. I tried to use Kryo, registering generated class (Data),
registering different serializers from chill_avro for given class
(SpecificRecordSerializer, SpecificRecordBinarySerializer, etc), but none of
those ideas helps me.

I post exactly the same question on stackoverflow but I did not receive any
repsponse.  link

What is more I created minimal working example, thanks to which it will be
easy to reproduce problem.
link <https://github.com/alberskib/spark-avro-serialization-issue>

How I can solve this problem?


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