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From baraky <>
Subject Spark 1.5.1 standalone cluster - wrong Akka remoting config?
Date Thu, 08 Oct 2015 11:04:03 GMT
Doing my firsts steps with Spark, I'm facing problems submitting jobs to
cluster from the application code. Digging the logs, I noticed some periodic
WARN messages on master log:

15/10/08 13:00:00 WARN remote.ReliableDeliverySupervisor: Association with
remote system [akka.tcp://sparkDriver@] has failed,
address is now gated for [5000] ms. Reason: [Disassociated]

The problem is that ip address not exist on our network, and wasn't
configured anywhere. The same wrong ip is shown on the worker log when it
tries execute the task (wrong ip passed to --driver-url):

15/10/08 12:58:21 INFO worker.ExecutorRunner: Launch command:
"/usr/java/latest//bin/java" "-cp" "/path/spark/spark-1.5.1-bin-ha
4M" "-Xmx1024M" "-Dspark.driver.port=64014" "-Dspark.driver.port=53411"
"org.apache.spark.executor.CoarseGrainedExecutorBackend" "--driver-url"
"--executor-id" "39" "--hostname" "" "--cores" "16" "--app-id" 
"app-20151008123702-0003" "--worker-url"
15/10/08 12:59:28 INFO worker.Worker: Executor app-20151008123702-0003/39
finished with state EXITED message Command exited with code 1 exitStatus 1
Any idea what I did wrong and how can this be fixed?

The java version is 1.8.0_20, and I'm using pre-built Spark binaries.


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