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Subject [Bug 7826] Improve language around whitelist/blacklist and master/slave
Date Tue, 16 Jun 2020 23:34:02 GMT

--- Comment #4 from Bill Cole <> ---
(In reply to macosx10.4.11 from comment #3)
> Is this a joke?


Using colors as a good/bad metaphorical idiom is inaccurate for how SA uses
such lists and has the added problem of colliding with the intractable
idiomatic use of "Black" and "White" for arbitrary classes of people. Naming
collisions are inherently bad, and we can't fix the larger side of this one.
Switching to allow/block better reflects what SA does without requiring a
subtle understanding of any English metaphorical idiom. 

The use of master/slave in SA is limited to tools in the build directory, which
are of interest primarily to active members of the SA development, project
sysadmin, and masscheck submitter communities. There *may* be some sites with
independent automc and rule QA rigs, but there's no evidence of that. The usage
includes scripts for Jenkins, which dropped 'slave' terminology in v2.0 (2016.)
I am not entirely conversant with the automc & buildbot architecture where
'slave' is used, but a cursory examination leads me to believe that 'child' or
perhaps 'worker' or 'robot' is a more apt metaphor for the tasks where 'slave'
is currently used. 

In spamd, 'child' is already used consistently. 

(In reply to AXB  from comment #2)
> "killing child" sounds socially acceptable...

Moot point: there are no references in any SA code or comments to killing

We already announce that we are "killing failed child" in
lib/Mail/SpamAssassin/ which does seem to fall short of the
modern norms of good parenting. However, the standard terminology of the
Unix/Linux/POSIX process model makes it unwieldy to avoid references to killing

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