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From "bismy" <>
Subject 回复: [discuss][java-chassis] change core mechanism from strong type toweak type
Date Mon, 11 Feb 2019 01:50:36 GMT
Can you list notable changes that users need to know when upgrade to the new version? This
can help us to make the decision. 

In my opinion, if users upgrade to new version, and they can make some code change without
lose any function, we can go forward this PR. Plus for running applications, one microservice
upgrade does not cause others (providers/consumers) to upgrade is necessary. 

If the two conditions mentioned above not match, we need to create a new branch to merge this
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主题: Re: [discuss][java-chassis] change core mechanism from strong type toweak type

useful for all scenes, i just write edge as a example, because edge has the
most serious problem with jvm meta overflow
edge and normal microservice share the same mechanism

compatible problem include:

   - some customer's handler and filter customization maybe need some
   change, because:
      - org.apache.servicecomb.swagger.invocation.SwaggerInvocation#swaggerArguments
      will change name or removed
      - java datatype in operationMeta will not always present
   - abandon highway, change to highway2, because highway codec based on
   ProtoStuff, ProtoStuff depend on strong type and not compatible to ProtoBuf
   for some datatye
   - ......

Willem Jiang <> 于2019年1月31日周四 下午9:07写道:

> What's the difference between the strong type and weak type?
> From the mail I can tell the weak type is useful in the edge service,
> can we just us it in the edge service?
> BTW, We need to be care if there is a API break change, heading to
> version 2.0.0 is a good way, is there any other big change we need to
> make in the java-chassis 2.0.0?
> Willem Jiang
> Twitter: willemjiang
> Weibo: 姜宁willem
> On Wed, Jan 30, 2019 at 8:39 PM wjm wjm <> wrote:
> >
> > currently, core mechanism is strong type
> > that caused to generate class dynamically in many special classloader,
> it's
> > dangerous:
> >
> >    - need to generate almost all business classes in edge, maybe cause
> jvm
> >    meta overflow
> >    - unable to support advanced features of swagger, such as allOf
> >    - caused some unnecessary data model convert
> >
> >
> > so we need to change core mechanism from strong type to weak type, we had
> > disscussed this before.
> >
> > the new problem is,  because the two mechanism is not compatible, we must
> > make decisions about:
> >
> >    - if plan it to be version 2.0.0
> >    - if we create branch for it
> >    - if not create branch, then same functions will have two implements,
> >    how to named the package
> >    - if create branch, then i will replace old  implement directly,  that
> >    cause compile problems
> >
> > any suggestion?
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