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From "bismy" <>
Subject 回复:[discuss][java-chassis] change name of spring cloud starterin serviceComb
Date Sat, 23 Feb 2019 09:45:17 GMT
This work should be done in a very carefully way, because it has compatibility concerns. My
suggestion is not do it now. And the suggested name is not very good. 

Maybe the following list is better:

For spring boot 1:


For spring boot 2:


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发件人: "杨少琴"<>;
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收件人: "杨少琴"<>;
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主题: Re:Re:[discuss][java-chassis] change name of spring cloud starterin serviceComb

Correct the error:

spring-boot2-starter-servlet -> servlet-spring-boot2-starter

在 2019-02-21 17:49:53,"杨少琴" <> 写道:

Hi All

The following is a supplementary list of possible affected artifacts:

spring-boot2-starter-standalone -> standalone-spring-boot2-starter
spring-boot2-starter-servlet -> standalone-spring-boot2-starter
spring-boot2-starter-gateway -> gateway-spring-boot2-starter
spring-boot2-starter-discovery -> discovery-spring-boot2-starter

At 2019-02-21 15:41:26, "杨少琴" <> wrote:

Hi All

I will changed the names of some of the serviceComb artifacts to make them conform to the
naming conventions recommended by spring, which will lead to changes in maven's dependency

Here is a list of possible affected artifacts:

spring-boot-starter-provider -> provider-spring-boot-starter
spring-boot-starter-discovery -> discovery-spring-boot-starter
spring-boot-starter-transport -> transport-spring-boot-starter
spring-boot-starter-parent -> parent-spring-boot-starter
spring-boot-starter-servicecomb -> servicecomb-spring-boot-starter
spring-boot-starter-registry -> registry-spring-boot-starter
spring-boot-starter-configuration -> configuration-spring-boot-starter
business-service-spring-boot-starter-archetype -> business-service-archetype-spring-boot-starter

Reference link:


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