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From "郑扬勇" <>
Subject [Discussion][Spring & Spring Boot version upgrade]Behavior of Consumer using RestTemplate had changed
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2018 08:01:19 GMT
Hi everyone:
   The version of Spring & Spring Boot in ServiceComb java chassis are 4.3.5.RELEASE and
1.4.5.RELEASE, seems a little behind, we may upgrade them.
Spring Boot and Spring Version correlation :
    Spring Boot Version Spring Version
   1.5.8.RELEASE 4.3.12.RELEASE
  1.5.9.RELEASE 4.3.13.RELEASE
  1.5.10.RELEASE 4.3.14.RELEASE
  1.5.11.RELEASE 4.3.15.RELEASE
  1.5.12.RELEASE 4.3.16.RELEASE

   I found if consumer use the RestTemplate make a invocation to our producer and producer
throw an unhande exception, http code with 590 [Cse Internal Server Error] will be return
to consumer side, but the Behavior of RestTemplate getForObject or postForObject in different
version of Spring is also not the same, for example:
 String result = restTemplate.getForObject("",String.class);
 * In 4.3.12.RELEASE still throw UnknownHttpStatusCodeException, same as current (4.3.5.RELEASE)
* In 4.3.13.RELEASE and 4.3.14.RELEASE change to throw org.springframework.web.client.ResourceAccessException
* In 4.3.15.RELEASE and 4.3.16.RELEASE won't throw any Exception and direct return {"message":"Cse
Internal Server Error"} .
   So if we update the Spring version to 4.3.12.RELEASE above,user may get into trouble when
upgrade 1.0.0-m2, but 4.3.16.RELEASE had fix some bugs and may better in security.
Any other ideas or suggestions are welcome !
 Yangyong Zheng
Best Regards !
consumer code is here :
in ensureServerBlowsUp Funcation
Example producer will throw RuntimeException,code is here :
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