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From Gordon Sim <g...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: problem with Qpidd
Date Wed, 05 Oct 2011 08:27:44 GMT
On 09/30/2011 06:37 AM, surya prakash wrote:
> In qpid::messaging API i didn't found queue declare things ,so that i moved
> to qpid::client API

For creating queues you have a number of options to chose from depending 
on the different use cases.

(1) For pub-sub subscriptions, the library will take care of the declare 
and bind for you. So if you wish to get all messages matching a 
particular key - say my-key, sent to a particular exchange - say 
my-exchange -  you simply create a receiver with address 
'my-exchange/my-key'. (You can use the same address for senders of course).

(2) To create a response queue in a request-response pattern, the 
address options allow you to have the queue created on demand when 
opening the receiver (or indeed a sender, though less obviously useful 
in this particular pattern). This approach also lets you control the 
underlying declare (in the case of AMQP 0-10) E.g. you can create a 
receiver for the address 'my-queue; {create: always, 

(3) You can use the qpid-config tool to create exchanges, queues and 
bindings statically, separate from your application logic. This is often 
a good idea.

(4) The tools as above use a message-based protocol - QMF - which you 
can also use directly (or through a separate QMF API). This is an area 
that needs better documentation but the following mail should provide 
sufficient pointers should this be appropriate to your needs: 

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