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From Paul Merlin <paulmer...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Thoughts on Release 3.0
Date Fri, 14 Jul 2017 11:19:16 GMT
Le 2017-07-14 02:19, Niclas Hedhman a écrit :
>> 3.1
>> - a suite of Gradle plugins: polygene-library, polygene-extension,
>>   polygene-application .. to make it damn easy to setup the build of
>>   Polygene apps
> Ok, that would simply fold into the generator? Or is it something to be
> published separately?

The Gradle plugins would be published on their own and usable directly.
The generator would then be able to consume these plugins to simplify 
the generated builds.

>> 3.2
>> - Polygene runs on Jigsaw
> Is Oracle still going ahead with Jigsaw? I thought the EC shot it down?

The EC voted against Jigsaw at some point.
Recent changes like "--permit-illegal-access" being the default in 9 
made the subsequent vote pass.
See https://www.jcp.org/en/jsr/results?id=6016

>> - Performance testing, some guarantee that we don't introduce
>> regressions would be awesome
> I will offer my new company's resources for this, and it should be
> available around 3.2 time frame.

Basically we'll need to regularly run performance measurements on a well 
known non-changing, non-busy machine, for the latest release and the 
head of develop, record the results, assert we don't regress, handle 
flakiness etc...
Then we'll need some nice graph to look at, something like: 

("Login as Guest")

>> - Collaboration on the new indexing system / query api is appealing!
> I doubt that I can manage a new indexing/querying on my own, and 
> looking
> forward to heavy collaboration on that.


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