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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Omid and Tephra migration nearly done
Date Mon, 09 Dec 2019 19:25:56 GMT

Infra was hard at work last week. Current status:

Repositories migrated:

All requested Tephra/Omid PPMC are Phoenix committers.

All mailing list traffic to podlings should now go to phoenix lists. 
This will be the last email I'll send to the old aliases.

AFAIK, we have all of the logistics set up. Like we were briefly 
chatting last week, I don't have any plans to be doing more around 
defining how Omid and Tephra want to exist within Phoenix long-term. It 
would be great to see some folks step up to define some path forward :)

The only thing outstanding is to make sure Phoenix PMC have 
adminstrative privileges over the OMID and TEPHRA Jira projects. I've 
asked infra to grant me admin, and I can hand it out to others who would 
like it.

Finally, new committers, please test out your privileges (make sure you 
can commit to omid or tephra), and shout if you encounter problems.

- Josh

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