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From Michael Schout <>
Subject Re: Where is the mod_perl development repo?
Date Thu, 09 Mar 2017 14:05:45 GMT
On 3/9/17 2:52 AM, André Warnier wrote:

> If I understand the general idea correctly, it consists of no longer
> running complicated and memory-hungry things directly in Apache through
> mod_perl, but to use Apache as a front-end reverse proxy, and proxy such
> calls to one or more back-end processes having their own persistent perl
> (or other) interpreter. Is that correct ?

Pretty much.

Except its much more common to see something like nginx acting as the
proxy than Apache due to nginx's lighter footprint and better handling
of large numbers of concurrent connections.

If you are writing a Perl (5) web app these days, you should probably
write it using Plack/PSGI compatible framework (dancer, mojo, catalyst
etc) and run it under something like starman behind nginx (or apache or
any other http proxy that you prefer).

If you do not wish to use a framework, then just write it in plain

Michael Schout

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