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From Michael Schout <>
Subject Re: Random segmentation fault
Date Mon, 14 Sep 2015 20:34:33 GMT
On 9/14/15 12:12 PM, Steve Hay wrote:
> Have you tried 5.20.3? This has just been released and contains a
> number of crash fixes. (I wonder if #123398 might be relevant?)
I just tried 5.20.3.

For my issue (mentioned earlier in this thread), 5.20.3 does not help.

I'll post a followup message in  anew thread when I have time, but
basically, I started seeing two different problems somewhere between
5.19.0 and and 5.20.0:

1) "panic: attempt to copy freed scalar xxxx to yyyy" reliably
reproduced when calling $cgi->param(x => ''); inside a TryCatch try { }
block. (and $cgi is here)

   Test case I have works perfectly against perl, but produces the above
panic under mod_perl.

  Seems to be something to do with TryCatch or Devel::Declare as the
problem goes away if I use eval { } instead of try { }.  Unfortunately
this is a large client codebase heavly invested in TryCatch so moving
away from that is not going to be fun/easy.

2) repeatable segfault by a certain subroutine doing something as simple as:

  sub foo {
        my ($self, $field, $type) = @_;

        if ($type = 'X') {
             return $self->_bar($field);

  The fun part of this one is that if I remove the "return" keyword, the
segfault goes away.

Michael Schout

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