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From "Steve van der Burg" <>
Subject Re: Apache2::AuthCookie - semantics of WhatEverPath parameter?
Date Mon, 27 Jul 2015 17:51:15 GMT
It is the path part of a URL.  The HTML Cookie specification defines it, and this is AuthCookie's
way of letting you set it.

If the request domain + path doesn't match those set in the cookie, then the browser won't
send the cookie to the server.

When using cookies for non-auth purposes, there are lots of cases where you would want something
more specific than / (to set a preference specific to an add at, for
example).  You're right that, for auth, it's hard to imagine when you wouldn't want to just
leave it as /.


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Jim Garrison <> wrote:
> Every example for Apache2::AuthCookie shows
>     ...
>     WhatEverPath /
>     ...
> but I can find nothing that explains what the value "/" represents.
> Is it a URI?  Later in the sample configs we see URIs to which
> protection applies are defined by <Location> or <Files> tags,
> How does the value of this parameter affect the behavior of AuthCookie,
> and under what circumstances would its value not be "/"?
> Thanks
> -- 
> Jim Garrison (
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