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From "Winfried Neessen" <>
Subject Strange behaviour with Pseudo-Proxy script
Date Wed, 01 Sep 2010 11:50:46 GMT


I am having a strange issue with a mod_perl handler which I've written


A little background. we are using a mod_perl script for our self-developed
MS .NET application.

The application connects to the frontend server, where the mod_perl
"proxy" is running. The script

does some kind of load_balancing and then proxies the request to the
backend and providest the

answer from the backend back to the application. This concept is working
fine, but the initial version

of the proxy script is poorly written. It first collects all data from the
client in memory (which might be

a pretty high amount of data (up to 100MB)), then send the stuff to the
backend and then provides 

the answer. This causes bad memory consumption- especially if there are
more than 100 concurrent

users. Also the script is no real mod_perl script, but uses
ModPerl::Registry instead.


So I've re-written the whole script from scratch. I've written it as
"real" mod_perl handler module.

It's now working with chunks of data to be sent and received. Everything
seems to working fine- 

except of one thing. The .NET app has the ability to upload a file to the
backend. With the original 

script the upload usually has at least about 1-2MB/sec bandwidth. but with
the new script that 

I've written, it only provides a throughput of about 300kb/sec. I did
couple of profiling already,

but wasn't able to find the cause of this. 


So I am wondering if someone of the mod_perl community has some advices or
hints, how to resolve

this issue. Every help or thought-provoking impulse is highly appreciated.




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