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From "Randy J. Ray" <>
Subject IPC::Open3 and MP
Date Tue, 19 Jan 2010 22:11:37 GMT
I have some code that uses IPC::Open3, and I've discovered (the hard way)
that it doesn't work under MP2 and Apache 2.2.6. What is the "best
practices" way of doing this under MP2?

    eval {
        local $SIG{ALRM} = sub { die "alarm\n" };
        alarm 30; # 30 seconds is more than enough for bogofilter to run
        $child = open3($ichld, $ochld, undef, @cmd);
        print $ichld $param->{'message'}, "\n";
        @response = <$ochld>;
        waitpid $child, 0;
        alarm 0;

I would prefer a solution that doesn't require adding a new CPAN module to
our dependencies list, but if that's the only way, then I'll do it. This has
to run in both MP2 and non-MP environments, so Apache::SubProcess probably
isn't going to help me...

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Randy J. Ray /
Silicon Valley Scale Modelers:
Sunnyvale, CA

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