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From "Michael A. Capone" <>
Subject Re: ErrorDocument from a registry script
Date Thu, 07 May 2009 17:47:32 GMT
In the spirit of checking off the obvious things... are you sure that 
the ErrorDocument directive is working for other pages?  in other words, 
can you open a browser and goto and see your ErrorDocument?

Michael Peters wrote:
> I'm pretty sure this should just work and I'm doing something stupid, 
> so any helpful insults that point me in the right direction would be 
> appreciated :)
> I have a registry script that could return a NOT FOUND (404) error. 
> I'm handling that like so:
>   Apache->request->status(NOT_FOUND);
> The browser does get the 404 HTTP status header, but it does not 
> trigger the ErrorDocument 404 that is set up, instead just showing the 
> browser's built-in 404 message. PerlSendHeaders is Off and I'm not 
> printing any output.

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