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From "Carl Johnstone" <>
Subject Re: No image creation in mod_perl
Date Tue, 28 Mar 2006 08:41:34 GMT
> In (eg) the worker MPM, each process contains its own perl interpreter,
> so if each process handles one image once in its lifetime, there is a
> lot of memory that has been grabbed by perl which is not available to
> create more perl processes.
> ... is what makes sense to me but may be utterly meaningless.

Nope that's right, so you load up one image. The perl process allocates 
itself 100MB of memory for it from the OS. Then doesn't release it back to 
the OS once it's finished with.

The perl process will re-use this memory, so if you process another image 
you don't grab another 100MB, it's just not available at the OS level or for 
other processes.

This isn't completely bad as long as your OS has good memory management. The 
unused memory in the perl process will just be swapped out to disk and left 
there until that process uses it again or exits.


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