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From "John Wittkoski" <>
Subject Re: potential bug/issue with internal_redirect in mp2
Date Mon, 12 Jul 2004 22:58:45 GMT
Geoffrey Young wrote on 6/29/04, 6:28 PM:
 > >         OLD WAY: [broken]
 > >         $obj->{USER_ID} = $r->user;
 > >         $obj->{USER_PASS} = $I->get_basic_auth_pw;
 > I'm not sure where you would have gotten this way from, but it is clearly
 > wrong - in both apache 1.3 and 2.0 it is ap_get_basic_auth_pw that
 > populates
 > $r->user (r->user in 2.0 and r->connection->user in 1.3).
 > >         NEW WAY: [fixed]
 > >         $obj->{USER_PASS} = $r->get_basic_auth_pw;
 > >         $obj->{USER_ID} = $r->user;
 > yes, this has always been the correct way.
 > subrequests (of which internal_redirect is one) have a rather clever
 > bug in
 > 1.3 - r->connection->user is global to the entire request, which includes
 > any subrequests.  so, the "OLD WAY" would have worked for subrequests
 > in 1.3
 > (though it should not have worked for the main request).  see a post
 > from me
 > last week for more details on this exact issue.
 > at any rate, this is not a mod_perl bug, or even a mod_perl feature -
 > it's a
 > feature of the apache API and there is nothing mod_perl can do about it.
 > but thanks for bringing it up :)

Sorry, I know this thread is from a few weeks back, but I'm a little 
behind (as usual) and I wanted to ask for clarification.

Isn't the ordering issue mentioned above only critical if you are coding 
your own authentication handler? (I don't know why you'd call 
get_basic_auth_pw outside of an authentication handler, but you might 
need to call $r->user outside of one.) If the current request was 
already handled by the built in Basic (or other basic password using) 
authentication handler, didn't that handler already call 
get_basic_auth_pw, so $r->user is populated for the remainder of that 

I ask because we have code that runs in a post-authentication phase that 
calls $r->user and it's always there, even for subrequests.

That being said, I did notice that a few of the Apache::Auth* modules 
(that use the Basic auth mechanism to get the password) use 
is_initial_req to short circuit the authentication phase for 
sub-requests before they call get_basic_auth_pw, resulting in $r->user 
not being populated for post-authentication phases of subrequests unless 
they call it themselves. (Under 2.0 that is, since under 1.3 this is 
masked by the clever bug you mention.)


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