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From Collin Starkweather <>
Subject Apache2 and mod_perl not playing nice
Date Sun, 11 Jul 2004 01:03:44 GMT
I decided recently to make the change to Apache2.  I normally build
Apache and mod_perl by hand, but since I recently switched to Gentoo
decided to let Gentoo's portage utility, emerge, do the heavy lifting
this time to see how it went.  

After emerging Apache 2.0.49-r1 and mod_perl 1.99.11, I get the
following when trying to fire it up:

  www root # apache2ctl configtest
  Syntax error on line 66 of /usr/lib/apache2/conf/vhosts/vhosts.conf:
  Invalid command 'PerlRequire', perhaps mis-spelled or defined by a \
  module not included in the server configuration
  www root # 

I have checked the migration documentation and there is
nothing that indicates PerlRequire has been deprecated, and, in fact,
all of the mod_perl directives trigger the error, even ones I know to be
valid such as PerlInitHandler.  The offending virtual host configuration
(edited for brevity), which is for an Apache::Pagekit based site, is

  <VirtualHost *:8088>
     ... blah blah blah ...
     DocumentRoot /.../
     PerlRequire /.../
     SetHandler perl-script
     PerlSetVar PKIT_ROOT /.../
     PerlSetVar PKIT_SERVER staging
     PerlHandler +Apache::PageKit
       use Apache::PageKit;
     PerlInitHandler +Apache::Reload

I feel like I'm missing something simple but fundamental here.  Any
insights would be greatly appreciated.



Collin Starkweather, Ph.D.

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