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From "Bryn Dyment" <>
Subject module variables: all mine during a request?
Date Wed, 28 Jul 2004 01:20:29 GMT
(I'm used to using mod_perl only via Mason, so apologies in advance if some of my terminology
is a little off.)

I'm wondering if this approach to using variables in Perl modules (and setting/accessing these
variables during a request) is sane (both for a $dbH and a "generic" variable):

I have three "levels" of files: my .html pages, my Site:: modules, and my Gen:: modules. 
Site:: modules are site-specific (I have multiple sites running under virtual hosts).  Gen::
modules are lower-level, and contain no site-specific code.

When my .html page is invoked, I immediately call Site::Init(), which in turn calls Gen::DB::Connect(),
which opens a DBI connection.  The actual $dbH variable is defined in the Gen::Init() module.
 No code in my Site:: modules or my .html pages directly uses/accesses $dbH.  As I process
the request, my page calls various Site:: functions, which in turn call Gen::DB() for all
DB access.  At the end of my request, I call Gen::DB::Disconnect().

So far, for small sites, this appoach is working well.  I'm wondering if there are any pitfalls.
 Also, does anything change if my Gen::DB module is preloaded in my file?  I'm
wondering if multiple incoming requests (from different virtual host sites, all using Gen::DB)
will cause things to get confused.

Also, in the simpler case, if I have a $foo variable in, say, Gen::Foo, and I set it (at the
beginning of the request) via Gen::Foo::Set( '123' ), is this $foo variable "all mine" for
the duration of the request?  That is, am I guaranteed that another request won't change this
value under the first request's nose?  And, is this scenario affected by whether or not Gen::Foo
is preloaded via

(Sorry for all the question marks in this post.)

Bryn Dyment,
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