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From Andy Lester <>
Subject Making perl handlers handle non-Perl
Date Wed, 27 Feb 2002 18:00:26 GMT

How can I get mod_perl to handle all Apache output, whether or not it
originates with mod_perl?

I'm writing a module that needs to analyze all output generated by Apache.
That's easy enough with stacked handlers, but I'm goofing something up
with, say, static HTML.

If I do this:

        <Location /test>
                PerlHandler     MyFilter

Then static HTML gets served up OK, but MyFilter doesn't seem to get
called.  Or is it, and I'm screwing something up in the filter?

And of course if I do this:

        <Location /test>
		SetHandler	perl-script
                PerlHandler     MyFilter

Then I get no output because the .html files that I'm trying to serve up
out of /test aren't Perl.

Pointers please?  I've got both the Cookbook and the Eagle book if you
want to just point to a page.


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