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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: Making perl handlers handle non-Perl
Date Wed, 27 Feb 2002 18:17:14 GMT
Andy Lester wrote:
> > ok, SetHandler sets a content handler for a given <Location> - it supersededs
everything else.
> >
> > unlike with normal Apache, mod_perl needs two things in order for your handler to
be called:
> > the content hander to be perl-script (for Apache) and the name of your handler with
PerlHandler (for
> > mod_perl)
> So what we're saying is that with static .html files, there's no way for
> me to get mod_perl to interject itself into Apache's chain?  Or PHP for
> that matter?

oh, no.

if you want to intercept absolutely _everything_ I suspect that 

SetHandler perl-script 

at the server level will do the trick (outside of any <Location> or
other container directive).  just make sure you have a 

PerlHandler My::Foo

somewhere to fill in the mod_perl part, since mod_perl needs both
directives to work.

typically, folks don't want to intercept all requests - it's generally
better to let Apache serve static files itself so that it handles
stuff like HTTP/1.1 conditional headers and the like.

> I want my MyFilter to process EVERYTHING that Apache spits out, whether
> with mod_perl, mod_php or just reading a .html file from the filesystem,
> especially the mod_php stuff.
> Should I be looking at one of the later phases (cleanup?) instead of
> content generation?

the content-generation phase should be fine.



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