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From Issac Goldstand <>
Subject Re: file globbing question
Date Wed, 20 Feb 2002 13:07:56 GMT
It occurred to me that using a scheme like this, it might be possible to 
help improve mod_perl's popularity... Or, at least, the popularity of 
Toolkits built under mod_perl...  Using <Files> (or the 
Apache::MIMEMapper module), makes mod_perl a bit more ISP friendly, as 
it's a lot easier for users to add code to their files...  Maybe using 
Embperl or something like that inside pages...  Anyway, it's just a 


Geoffrey Young wrote:

>Cees Hek wrote:
>>On Wed, 2002-02-20 at 13:27, John Stauffacher wrote:
>>>I am a bit confused as to what httpd.conf directives need to be used in
>>>order to get apache to execute a PerlHandler when it encounters a
>>>certain file type. What I want to do:
>>>      Execute a handler whenever a *.qw file is accessed. The same
>>>handler whether or not the file exists and not look for the file. So the
>>>user makes the request: get /somewhere/my.qw and gets the response
>>>"moo". Then they request /other/place/boo.qw and gets the response
>>>"moo". I have tried using a <Files> directive, but it envokes the
>>>handler, then looks for the file and throws a 404. Any ideas?
>>The <Files> directive is the right way to go.  Are you sure you are
>>returning OK in your Handler?  If you return something else (like
>>DECLINED) then Apache will take over the request and handle it in the
>>default manner (ie look up the file).  Returning OK lets Apache know
>>that the request was dealt with appropriately and it can move on to the
>>next phase.
>another alternative is something like Apache::MIMEMapper...
>which expands the AddHandler directive to make it a bit more mod_perl
>so, instead of using <Files> (which is perfectly legitimate) you can
>instead simply use
>AddHandler My::Module .qw
>and Apache will use My::Module::handler() for the content-generation
>all the stuff Cees said it true, though - you still need to make sure
>your handler returns OK and follow the other handler rules. 

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