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From jon schatz <>
Subject Re: Genius for hire
Date Mon, 11 Feb 2002 23:10:05 GMT
On Mon, 2002-02-11 at 15:00, brian moseley wrote:
> On 11 Feb 2002, jon schatz wrote:
> > This is the 3rd resume spam i've gotten in the past 20
> > minutes.  See
> >
> > for why this is a bad idea.
> see the modperl list archives for discussion after
> discussion about this type of messages on the list. i can
> save you the energy though: we allow them.

apologies then; i read this line in the modperl list faq:

"The mod_perl list is NOT for general questions about Apache and the
Perl language."

and took it a step further. but i (have since) read farther down and
discovered that jobs are ok. My bad.

Can I request then that the suggested tag [JOB] be used for such
postings? I don't really wish to read them.


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