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From "John Stauffacher" <>
Subject file globbing question
Date Wed, 20 Feb 2002 02:27:21 GMT

I am a bit confused as to what httpd.conf directives need to be used in
order to get apache to execute a PerlHandler when it encounters a
certain file type. What I want to do:
	Execute a handler whenever a *.qw file is accessed. The same
handler whether or not the file exists and not look for the file. So the
user makes the request: get /somewhere/my.qw and gets the response
"moo". Then they request /other/place/boo.qw and gets the response
"moo". I have tried using a <Files> directive, but it envokes the
handler, then looks for the file and throws a 404. Any ideas?

-John Stauffacher

John Stauffacher
Network Administrator
Chapman University

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