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From Ender Josef <>
Subject Apache crashes every second db request
Date Tue, 21 Mar 2000 16:08:01 GMT
I'm trying to move my CGI scripts to run with Apache and mod_perl to allow a
permanent connection to the Database.
All is working fine if I let run the scripts as CGI script.

If I run the following simple script-snippet with Apache::Registry or
Apache::PerlRun I get the correct values back the first time. The second
time I run the script Apache.exe crashes. If I restart apache between this
two requests its working again.
I guess apache crashes every time the database connection still exists.
I'm using Apache/1.3.9 Win32 mod_perl 1.21. I tried with SQL Anywhere 5.5
and MS-SQL 6.5.

We have also exactly the same problem with Apache 1.3.11 and Jserve 1.1:
Java.exe crashes every second DB-request.

use Win32::ODBC;
my $DB = new Win32::ODBC("DSN=$dsn;UID=$uid;PWD=$pwd"); 
$DB->Sql("select id from dba.licenses where id = '10'");    
$db_val = $DB->Data;
print $db_val;

Any help is greatly appreciated


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