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From William Lewis Brown <>
Subject "Compilation aborted" error msgs on NT uninformative
Date Tue, 14 Mar 2000 15:38:19 GMT
	I am trying to write some fresh perl modules on NT.  I spend most of my
time attempting to figure out what I have done wrong that makes the
compiler give me "compilation aborted" messages.  This is due to the
fact that the compiler never really tells me where it actually found the
	I have broken the code into separate files and utter "use foo"'s at the
top of the main file to allow me to use code within the sub-files.  When
the sub-files are compiled, and the compile goes bad, there is no
information included about what line in the included file caused the
error.  On Linux, I get a nice coherent error message.  I am being
slowly driven batty trying to figure out where my errors actually are.
	Can someone please explain what I have to do to get reasonable error
messages?  I have included my configuration, a sample bad error message
and a sample good error message below.  Thanks very much.


Configuration:  Apache 1.3.6
                ModPerl 1.21

Below is an example error message that provides very little
information. line three is:

use Apache::ATIsysdep;

the ATIsysdep module definitely has a syntax error somewhere, but the
error message gives me no clue where that error might be.  Help!

[Tue Mar 14 09:37:06 2000] [error] Apache/ did not return a
true value at c:/addtoit/apache/lib/perl/Apache/ line 3.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at
c:/addtoit/apache/lib/perl/Apache/ line 3.

[Tue Mar 14 09:37:06 2000] [error] Undefined subroutine
&Apache::ATIProxy::handler called.

Here is a sample, stolen from the mailing list, of a happy error
[Thu Feb  3 13:05:30 2000] [error] [8596807]ERR:  24: Line 1: Error in
code: syntax error at
line 1, near "use strict"
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted       (in cleanup) syntax error at
/usr/common/perl5.005_02/lib/5.00502/IP22-irix/ line 1, near "use
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /www/www/research/errors/test.html

William L. Brown
Work:  603-465-2114
Fax:   603-465-2114
Cell:  617-803-9156
Home:  603-465-2948

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