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From Randy Kobes <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Fix mod_perl-1.0 for perl-5.8.8 on Win32
Date Wed, 15 Feb 2006 18:38:10 GMT
On Wed, 15 Feb 2006, Geoffrey Young wrote:

>> So, the attached patch fixes all this.
> randy is probably the best person to look this one over.
>> Do you want me to test with 5.8.5 to see if that still works?
> yeah, I really think we need to do that - as mp1 is still the stable
> workhorse that the vast majority of our users are on, we can't just go
> breaking compat with older versions of perl.  even on windows :)
> does the format allow for ifdef-type logic?  if not, while I know it's more
> work, but maybe dynamically generating the .dsp could be investigated?

Thanks, Steve, for tracking that down. It would be nice to
try with as many Perl versions as possible - I have 5.8.0
5.6 at home, but unfortunately am away for the next
week, so won't be able to look at it before then.

I could also look at dynamically generating the .dsp - it's
already edited by the Makefile.PL procedure, so generating
the whole thing should be that hard to do.

best regards,

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