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From Steve Hay <>
Subject [PATCH] Fix mod_perl-1.0 for perl-5.8.8 on Win32
Date Wed, 15 Feb 2006 09:33:29 GMT
Unfortunately, I'm still stuck in mod_perl-1.0 world and have just found 
that it doesn't build with perl-5.8.8 on Win32.

The reason is this change in perl-5.8.8:

(Perl switched from Winsock1 to Winsock2 a while ago (change 23200), but 
carried on accidentally loading the Winsock1 headers in some cases. 
Change 26189 does its best to prevent this.)

The reason that change breaks mod_perl-1.29 is that mp1 evidently still 
believes that perl is using Winsock1 and includes "-D _WINSOCK2API_" in 
its compile flags in order to stop Winsock2 from being loaded!

Well, now that perl is using Winsock2, that's not such a great idea: I 
find that the mod_perl.dsp part of the build process now bombs out with 
hundreds of errors relating to SOCKET etc being undefined because perl's 
sys/socket.h doesn't actually load <winsock2.h> because _WINSOCK2API_ is 
already defined.

So, the attached patch fixes all this.

It works in perl-5.8.8, and also seems to work with 5.8.7 (which doesn't 
have 26189, but is still really using Winsock2).  I haven't found time 
to try with 5.8.5 or earlier yet: these perls don't have change 23200 
(it was integrated into 5.8.6) so they're using Winsock1, which may or 
may cause a problem.

Do you want me to test with 5.8.5 to see if that still works?

Radan Computational Ltd.

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