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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject [RELEASE CANDIDATE] Apache-Test 1.28
Date Mon, 13 Feb 2006 14:44:08 GMT
we are pleased to announce a new release candidate for the Apache-Test

please give it a whirl and report back success or failure.

prior to the 1.26 release it was discovered that Apache-Test didn't play
nice with boxes that had both mp1 and mp2 installed.  we thought we had the
problem licked but apparently we didn't, so this release contains another
try.  if you're running mod_perl and can't do both

  $ perl Makefile.PL -httpd /path/to/httpd-1.X/bin/httpd


  $ perl Makefile.PL -httpd /path/to/httpd-2.X/bin/httpd

and have 'make test' choose and run against the proper httpd version
something is very wrong.  hopefully it's all fixed now, but if you
experience any problems please report them.


Changes since 1.27:

add need_imagemap() and have_imagemap() to check for mod_imap
or mod_imagemap [ Colm MacCarthaigh ]

shortcuts like need_cgi() and need_php() no longer spit out
bogus skip messages  [Geoffrey Young]

Adjust Apache::TestConfig::untaint_path() to handle relative paths
that don't start with /.  [Stas]

If perlpath is longer than 62 chars, some shells on certain platforms
won't be able to run the shebang line, so when seeing a long perlpath
use the eval workaround [Mike Smith <>]

Location of the pid file is now configurable via the command line
-t_pid_file option [Joe Orton]

remove the entry from %INC after Apache::Test finishes
initializing itself.  because both mp1 and mp2 share the entry,
leaving it around means that Apache::Test might prevent later modules
from loading the real mod_perl module they're interested in, leading
to bad things  [Geoffrey Young]

use which("cover") to find the cover utility from Devel::Cover and run
it only if found. [Stas]

Devel::Cover magic is now fully integrated.  no more
or fiddling - 'make testcover' should be all you need
to do now [Geoffrey Young]

Implemented a magic @NextAvailablePort@ to be used in config files to
automatically allocate the next available port [Stas]

Adjust Apache::TestConfig::add_inc to add lib/ in separate call to
lib::->import at the very end of @INC manipulation to ensure it'll be
on top of @INC. For some reason lib has changed to add directories in
a different order than it did before. [Stas]

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