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From Torsten Foertsch <>
Subject httpd 2.2 vs. add_config
Date Thu, 02 Feb 2006 17:40:19 GMT

mod_perl provides the Apache2::RequestUtil::add_config function that accepts 
$override as the 2nd parameter. For apache 2.0 it is possible to set Options 

  $r->add_config(['Options Indexes ExecCGI'], Apache2::Const::OR_OPTIONS). 

This does not work with 2.2. The reason is the more detailed AllowOverride 
statement. It introduces a new field in cmd_parms (override_opts) that holds 
the detailed setting.

struct cmd_parms_struct {
    /** Argument to command from cmd_table */
    void *info;
    /** Which allow-override bits are set */
    int override;
    /** Which allow-override-opts bits are set */
    int override_opts;

The current implementation of modperl_config_insert() creates a cmd_parms 
struct where override_opts is always zero. Hence the add_config statement 
above will always fail.

I suggest the patch below to solve the problem.


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