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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: resolving Apache::Test vs. Apache::test collision
Date Tue, 06 May 2003 00:19:19 GMT

Stas Bekman wrote:
> We have a problem with using the Apache::Test name, more correctly we 
> have a problem with using the Apache/ filename. On platforms with 
> case-insentive filesystems (winFU, Mac OS X) if mod_perl 1.x is 
> installed, there is Apache/ (notice the lower case 't'). So when 
> you say 'use Apache::Test' it loads Apache::test. Boom, nothing works.

ok, so it's not like that I don't believe that this is an issue, but I 
don't believe you - if you have Apache/ and you install 2.0 
then Apache/ would replace the existing file, no?  that's why 
Apache2 is around for all the mod_perl based stuff - to keep 
Apache::Filter from 2.0 from cloberring Apache::Filter from 1.0

if installing Apache::Test doesn't clobber Apache::test on 
case-insensitive installations, _that_ seems like a bug to me :)

> There are several routes we can take to resolve this problem:
> 1. rename Apache::Test to something else. David Wheeler has proposed to 
> use Apache::Tester (or even swap the sides: Test::Apache).

that seems ok (if you buy into the argument, anyway)

> 2. add a new package Apache::TestLoad which will deal with loading the 
> right Apache::Test package, by replacing 'require Apache::Test' with 
> search for 'Apache/' in @INC and doing do $file; on the full 
> path. That solves the problem, of loading the right file but you will 
> have to replace all instances of 'use Apache::Test;' with 'use 
> Apache::TestLoad;', but still using the functions from Apache::Test. 
> Since they are all imported by default, this is not a big issue. It's 
> just confusing that use 'Apache::TestLoad'.

yucko - use()ing Apache::TestLoad methods just doesn't seem right.

I can see a third possibility - installing Apache::Test relative to 
Apache2, that way there is no namespace collision and uses can control 
their destiny.


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