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From Jerry Adair <Jerry.Ad...@sas.com>
Subject Encryption in ORC
Date Thu, 25 Jul 2019 20:54:04 GMT

I have a question regarding encryption in ORC.  Fundamentally, the question is "does it exist

The nearest I can tell at this point in time (July 2019), the answer is "no", but it does
appear to be under active development.

I'm confused because the ORC v1.6 specification on the ORC website mentions that as of ORC
1.6 encryption is available.  However the current release is 1.5.6 (June 2019).

So does that mean that encryption will be available as of the future version 1.6?

It's confusing because when you download the source, unzip it, untar it and take a look, I
don't see a change log file and there is nothing in the README.md file that tells you exactly
which version you have downloaded and unpacked.

I attempted to do some digging and came across this ticket:


Which seems to indicate that - although under development - encryption is not currently available
in ORC.

Apologies for the fundamental question, but I'd like to get some clarity one way or another.



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