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From Colin Williams <colin.williams.seat...@gmail.com>
Subject Questions regarding hive --orcfiledump or exporting orcfiles
Date Mon, 29 Jan 2018 21:16:51 GMT

Wasn't sure if I should ask here or on the Hive mailing list. We're
creating External tables from an S3 bucket that contains some textfile
records. Then we import these tables with STORED AS ORC.

We have about 20 tables, and it takes a couple hours to create the tables.
However currently we are just using a static data set.

Then I'm wondering can I reduce the load time by exporting the tables using
hive --orcfiledump or just copying the files from HDFS into an S3 bucket.
And then load into HDFS again? Will this likely save me a bit of load time?


Colin Williams

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