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From "Ravi Tatapudi" <ravi_tatap...@in.ibm.com>
Subject Issue with Kerberos authentication when running with JVM-1.7.0-SR1 or above
Date Wed, 06 Jan 2016 11:38:46 GMT

Pl. find attached text-file, having the sample-code for deleting a file on 
WebHDFS, with "kerberos security" enabled. 

I see that, this code is working successfully when run using "JDK-1.7-GA" 
(i.e., with "J9VM - R27_Java727_GA_20131114_0833_B175264", as seen from 
the output of the command: "java -version"). However, when the same code 
is run using the JDK-1.7-SR1 or above (i.e., with "J9VM - R27_Java727_SR1
_20140410_1931_B195893", as seen from the output of the command: "java 
-version"), it is failing with the exception shown in the attached 
text-file below:

I also tried using the JDK-1.7-SR3.fp20 ("J9VM - 
R27_Java727_SR3_20151022_1530_B273253") & got the same exception, that I 
am seeing with JDK-1.7-SR1. I have executed all these tests, using the 
same set of Hadoop/Hive-jars, the only change being the JDK-version.

Could you please see the same & provide your inputs / suggestions on how 
to resolve this issue.


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