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Subject [Issue 124712] Build broken on Linux Ubuntu 14.04 (undefined reference to __cxa_atexit)
Date Tue, 26 Aug 2014 02:00:19 GMT

--- Comment #25 from ---
Hi Michal,
I did a build with the following parameters, except for one small change
--with-lang="en",in my Ubuntu Linux 14.04, g++=4.8 and the build was

--disable-odk --enable-category-b --enable-bundled-dictionaries --without-junit
--without-stlport --with-system-stdlibs --with-lang="sk"

If there are any other errors related to this issue, report it here. I'll look
into it and fix it.
If there are errors unrelated to this issue, as andrea said, report them

Thanks for committing the fix.

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