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Subject [Issue 125013] After entering speaker notes on one slide, clicking on next slide in left pane scrolls back to first or second slide in the presentation.
Date Sat, 07 Jun 2014 09:27:58 GMT

--- Comment #3 from Karlo Smid <> ---
Bug advocacy using HICCUPPS consistency analysis.

Consistent with history?
This behavior is not consistent with previous Open Office Version, 4.0.1. on
I could not replicate described behavior on that platform and version.
Why I did not try to replicate on Mac and OS X 10.9.3?
Because of this issue: 125067
When this issue will be resolved, I will try to replicate on OS X 10.9.3.

Consistent with OpenOffice project Image?
One of OpenOffice project wanted public Image is that it wants to be
competitive product with comparable products: Microsoft Presentation and Google
Docs presentation. In this context, wanted Image is that features that worked
in previous release are still working in next release (see history

Consistent with Comparable Product?
Comparable product is Google Docs Presentations which does not manifest
described behavior.

Consistent with Claims?
Not applicable. I searched OpenOffice documentation, and there is no separate
category about slide pane feature.

Consistent with user expectations?
No. Who is the user in this case? Anybody that creates presentation that
consists of more that 10 slides. This is large number of OpenOffice community.

Consistent with product?
Not applicable.

Consistent with purpose?
Yes. User is still able to add speakers notes on every slide.

Consistent with statutes?
Not applicable.

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